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Windows Mobile VLC Remote

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What is VLCRemote?

 VLCRemote is a Windows Mobile Application that enables controlling a VLC Media Player (Which you can get  Here) running on another computer in your LAN or Home Network.

The application is built using Microsoft .NET Compact Framework (v3.5). and relies on the VLC Media Player Web Interface (which you need to enable if you want VLCRemote to work see videolan wiki for details)

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The version available at this time is a pretty stable Beta (few known, none critical defects). Two QVGA skins are avilable, Portrait (240x320) and Landscape devices (320x240) pixels. It is relatively easy to create your own skin though (documentation for how to do this will be available soon, in the meanwhile, look at the Skin folder  Here and see if it makes any sense)

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